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day old outfit, day old make upday old hair, just don’t care


day old outfit, day old make up
day old hair, just don’t care

still looks rad as hell



Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.

this show is literally my life

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there are too many vines of cishet boys in wigs making fun of girls. we need more vines making fun of cishet boys. girls wearing snapbacks and basketball shorts like ”bro hold my AXE i’m gonna draw a penis on this board” ”yeah draw a penis haha *frightened look at camera* i’m not gay tho”

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no idea if this paper is GOOD but its DONE

An anthology of short stories by college students

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Why do dudes always wanna know your bra size tho, what are they gonna do, buy you bras?? Cause that would be very helpful bras cost a lot of money i would save a fortune

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listen to me carefully

  • wanting gay couples in mainstream movies is notfetishising"  homosexuality
  • being bored of constantly seeing straight couples in movies and media is not heterophobia
  • wanting to see more gay couple movies that are not about being gay is not glorifying gay relationships

wanting to see more of the LGBT community in the media and on the screens is not a bad thing

it is treating people like they should be — as normal

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I hear my mom shrieking downstairs, shouting up to me about “THE CATS! THE CATS!”

I run downstairs, thinking someone has died or something and see THIS:





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Here, have some Friesians.

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Okay so I’m going into my 2nd year of college and I’m feeling more confident about it then I did a year ago. There are things I didn’t do my first year that I regret but I’m just now starting to get a handle of things. So here are some tips that I think will be beneficial for all the freshman (and of course high schoolers who btw DON’T NEED TO STRESS SO HARD ABOUT COLLEGE)

Remember you guys, we’re all in this together.

  • CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL REGULARLY. When I mean regularly, I mean make it a weekly or even better a daily thing. I know every college is different but I am pretty confident that all colleges love to send their students a shitload of emails to keep them up to date on things.
  • EXPLORE YOUR COLLEGE WEBSITE. You will find a lot of useful information okay just do it if you haven’t.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT YOUR COLLEGE PROVIDES YOU. Whether it be tutors, undergrad advising, testing services, GO TO THEM. They are there to help you, let them help you that shit is free.
  • IF YOUR COLLEGE GIVES OUT MAJOR ROADMAPS FOR FREE ONLINE, THINK ABOUT USING THEM. I just found my history major roadmap after spring semester don’t do what i did!
  • DON’T ALWAYS DEPEND ON YOUR CAMPUS STORE FOR TEXTBOOKS. You guys already know there are a ton of textbook info posts going around on tumblr so I’ll include them on this post. You can check out here and here and here or even try Amazon or Barnes and Noble If you have friends who got the hookup on even cheaper textbooks, GO TO THEM.
  • IF YOU HATE MATH YOU SHOULD TRY SOME OF THESE SITES OUT. Word of advice though, find yourself a friend who is great at math or better yet go get a tutor (I personally never went to a tutor but do it if you really need it). Check here and here.
  • BOOKMARK IMPORTANT PAGES. Especially pages that have anything to do with financial aid (FAFSA, financial award info, etc.). Also you might want to bookmark some loan repayment pages (this and this)
  • RATE MY PROFESSORS IS YOUR BEST FRIEND You wanna know if a certain professor is strict? Heavy work load? Nice? Disorganized? Yeah go to this site. Search for your school and, oh yes, bookmark the page.
  • BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. This is incredibly important for all my fellow commuters (the struggle is real for us). Make sure to not overspend and don’t be stupid with your money and piss it all away on clothes. That financial aid money is going to tempt you to spend it all on clothes, food, books, and dvds. But don’t. B U D G E T.
  • YOUR IPOD IS ALSO YOUR BEST FRIEND. Trust me when I say that music is going to get you through some stressful midterm/final studying time.
  • RECOMMENDATION: DON’T TAKE A FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLASS YOUR FIRST YEAR. You wanna get all the general education classes out of the way first.
  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX. There are hundreds and thousands of students who are nervous, anxious, scared, confused, and/or stressed as you are. It’s okaaaaaay

Well that’s it!! I’m pretty sure I had more to add but I’ll just make another post when the ideas come to me.


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i like it when the sky looks like the world is going to end

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person: he’s so hot

lesbian: i don’t think he’s that attractive

person: yeah but you’re not sexually attracted to men

lesbian: i’m not sexually attracted to shoes either but i can still tell when i think a pair looks good


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yugioh’s actually so fucking fun


you won’t be laughing when i send you to the shadow realm 

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so i saw this gif around tumblr and thought “he’s making such a disgusted face, it’d be perfect if the gif was revers—-“


i did it. it’s done.

speaking of reversed Frozen gifs



you turned a kids movie into an animated porno

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dear santa i want a 6’3 boyfriend with brown hair and blue eyes


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You know when a fast angry song comes on that you know every word to and you’re in just the right mood that your eyes light up with the fire and angst of a thousand punk rockers and you just feel so alive

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